2012 Rules And Regulations




In the event of a cancellation or delay due to rain, you are required to notify the Divison Head and the opposing manager at least TWO (2) HOURS prior to the start of the game to avoid unnecessary travel. Home teams are responsible to have home field playable when weather permits. Any cancellations or delays  will be posted on the schedules for each individual game. Please do not assume your game is cancelled, please check the website.


Playoff positions are solely determined by a point system of 2 points for a win and 1 point for a tie. Any ties will be determined by the following in order: Head  to head, Runs allowed first, Runs scored and if still tied director's decision

Diamond Pros Pitching Rules:

Pitching Restrictions for 8U-12+ Divisions(6 inning games)
6 innings max per day. One appearance per game

Pitching Restrictions for14u-18u Divisions (7 inning games)
No Restrictions 

Bat Sizes:

1. Teams that play on 60' fields can only use a bat with a diameter of
2 - 1/4". Wood bats are allowed.

2. For teams that play on 70' or 75' bases in the league we recommend the inclusion of the -3 bat during tournament play, however we will allow bats 2 3/4", minus 8 1/2" or less, 2 5/8" minus 10 or less or 2 1/4". Wood bats are allowed.

3. For 13/14 Division teams that play on 90' bases can only use -3 bats. Wood bats are allowed   The 15/16U and 17/18U divisions can only use wood bats. No wood/composite bats are allowed in these divisions.

Playing Rules:

 1. Avoid Contact Rule: applies at all Diamond Pros games: "A runner who fails to make a reasonable attempt to avoid a collision with a defensive player shall be called out. Any other runner advancing on the play shall be required to return to the last base visited. In the event that an umpire determines that a collision was flagrant (i.e., attempting to bowl over the catcher when it is clear that he has the ball and is waiting to apply the tag...), he has the authority to eject the offending player from the game. In the event of an ejection, that player will be suspended for the following game or longer"

2. Each team will be home team in one of the 2 games of a doubleheader. Home team for the game supplies balls for that game. Umpires are paid prior to the beginning of the first game.

3. Follow the typical  MLB rules unless specified in this set of rules.  THERE ARE NO HOUSE RULES REGARDING PLAYING RULES.

4. Reentry rule:A starting player, who has been removed from the game, may be reinserted once under the following conditions:

A. The player must return to his original spot in the batting order.
B Only a starting player is eligible to be reinserted and he may only be reinserted once per game.

5. Infield fly: pertains to the 12+ division and older.

6. Teams have the option of using one or two extra hitters according to the following rules and conditions:

  • A team must have ten or more players prior to the start of the game.
  • The Extra Hitter (EH) cannot be added after the start of the game.
  • There is unlimited defensive substitution.


7. Mound Visits: The Manager is permitted to visit the mound twice in any inning and a maximum of three times per pitcher per game without removing the pitcher. Any visit in excess of the allowed visits must be for the purpose of making pitching change. A visit to the mound resulting from an injury is not to be considered as one of the
allowable visits.

8. A forfeiture will be awarded under the following circumstances:

  •  A team is not ready to play 20 minutes after the scheduled game time. In the case of a double-header, the umpire will wait an additional 15 minutes before calling for a forfeit of the second game.
  • A team is unable to field at least 8 players throughout the entire game. A team may play with eight players. When playing with eight players, the vacant slot in the batting order is an automatic out. If a ninth player arrives, he may be inserted into the game in the vacant slot and is considered a starting player.


9. In any 51-70 division, there are dropped third strikes, infield fly and regular leading. One warning per pitcher, instruction and then enforcement with balks.

10. In all six inning games there is a 2 hour limit, no inning may start after 1 hour 45 minutes. In all seven inning games there is a two hour 30 minute limit, no inning may start after 2 hour 15 minutes. In all games, any inning started must finish unless mercy rules applies Tied games can be played one extra inning if within the time limit.

11. There is a ten run mercy rule in the 12+Division after 4 complete innings; the inning does not have to be completed after the fourth inning for the mercy rule to apply. No equal at bats after 4 complete innings.

12. There is a ten run mercy rule in the 13U-18U after 5 complete innings, the inning does not have to be completed after the fifth inning for the mercy rule to apply. No equal at bats after 5 complete innings.

13. Any rule discrepancy must be protested immediately with the umpire and tournament director.

14. Respect the game, respect the fields and respect each other.

15. Any ejection by a player or coach will result in a one game suspension to be served in the next game.



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